🎧 Podcast: What’s the Global Potential of Islamic Finance? 11:FS Fintech Insider

Check out our CEO Areeb Siddiqui on the 11:FS Fintech Insider podcast where he discusses Kestrl and the Global Potential of Islamic Finance along side industry experts

09 May 2022

📰 Press Release: UK Islamic Fintech Kestrl joins Techstars London’s 2022 Cohort

Kestrl raises investment from Techstars prestigious accelerator programme in London.

21 Nov 2022

4 Lessons Ramadan can teach us about Personal Finance

🕌 Ramadan is a time for personal reflection and self betterment, however did you know many of these qualities are just as relevant when it comes to your Personal Finances? 💵

04 Apr 2022

Are Designer Bags a good investment?

People often spend a LOT of money on handbags, justifying it as a good 'investment', but is there any truth to that statement?

30 Mar 2022

3 things to check if a Stock is Halal

Shariah compliancy for stocks can get pretty confusing. Take a look at the 3 screens a stock needs to pass before we can say it's halal.

22 Feb 2022

📰 Press Release: Bank Islam joins Malaysia’s Digital Banking race through partnership with UK Islamic Fintech Kestrl.

Kestrl joins forces with Malaysia's biggest Islamic Bank, Bank Islam to help power its newly launched digital bank: 'Be U'.

05 Aug 2022

We asked 1,500 British Muslims about their finances

Check out the first article in our latest series 'Start-up Stories'. Here we discuss how to talk to users.

21 Feb 2022

Invest…but tie your camel first!

Investing can seem like a complete gamble, but are we taking all the necessary precautions first? Here are 5 ways you should be tying your camel before you invest.

21 Feb 2022

15 Things To Do In London Under £15

At Kestrl, we hope to make it easier for you to budget, save and invest, whilst still having a great time.

24 Dec 2021
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