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15 Things To Do In London Under £15

24 Dec 2021

As we all know, London is an extremely expensive city and having fun on a budget can be quite tough at times. At Kestrl, we hope to make it easier for you to budget, save and invest, whilst still having a great time. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of our favourite budget friendly pastimes — perfect for weekends, the summer holidays & special occasions.

We’re here to show you that there are endless ways to experience the hustle and bustle of London to its fullest without having to compromise your budget. Here are 15 things to do in London under £15!

1. Visit Sky Garden

Sky Garden

One of my favourite things to do is to watch the sunset envelope London and Sky Garden is the perfect place to do so. It has the most amazing views of the London Skyline and the best part is that it is free of charge! All you have to do is book a slot to go in advance and enjoy the most spectacular views.

2. Take an Uber Boat down the River Thames

River Thames

Uber boats are a unique way of exploring London via the river! There are 21 stops along the Thames between Woolwich (Royal Arsenal) Pier to Putney Pier. Services run from early in the morning until late at night 7 days a week. All the stops are worth a visit but our favourites stops include Greenwich, London Bridge City, London Eye and Chelsea harbour!

3. Rent a Santander Bike & Explore London

Go on a sightseeing tour by cycling through the famous monuments in London. Santander have created 3 perfect routes for your journey titled the ‘Royal Loop’, ‘Thames Loop’ and the ‘Hyde Loop’. Each route boasts unique landmarks and sights that you can get off your bikes and explore by docking it at one of the Santander dock stations.

4. Shopping at Brick Lane Vintage Market & Food Hall

This is the perfect place to explore the retro and vintage markets in London. With a huge underground vintage market, they have everything you could imagine! From vintage records to classic band tees, there will be something for everyone. On the weekends, there is a foodhall with stalls from all over the world above the vintage market. All meals are well below £15 pounds, and are extremely delicious and satiating.

5. Mini Golf

Mini Golf is the perfect place to have a fun time with your friends in a vibey and chilled environment. There are lots of fantastic places that won’t hurt your bank account!

Crazy Golf

Swingers Crazy Golf

6. Visit a Food Market — Greenwich Market, Borough Market, Camden Market

These are just some of my personal favourite markets that provide spectacular but affordable food. You’ll be able to have a lovely meal in a quintessential part of London with lovely views of the area. If you go to Borough Market you can spot the Shard or St Paul’s Cathedral, whereas if you go to Camden Market you’ll be eating next to a beautiful canal.

  • Price: Average meal £7-£10

7. Visit ChinaTown & Try the Famous Desserts

ChinaTown is a beautiful place adorned in red lanterns, bustling with cherry vendors and oriental shops. Explore the local bakery and try delicacies from Southeast Asia. From bubble tea and matcha ice cream to purple ube milkshakes and egg tarts, ChinaTown will not disappoint.


8. Go on a Picnic & Ride the Paddle Boats

Laying in the sun enjoying your favourite book with music playing in the background is one of the best ways to spend a sunny day in London. In many parks across the city, there are different types of boats to rent. My personal favourite is the paddle boat, where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you cruise across the lake.

  • Price: £10 to £12
  • Location: Hyde Park and Regent’s Park

9. Mayfields Lavender Field

Mayfields Lavender Field

This summer, make sure to visit the Mayfield Lavender farm. The lavender flowers have already begun to bloom and will continue to do so till the end of August. You can also get a tractor ride tour around the field for just £2! Not only will it be breathtaking, you will definitely be able to take the perfect gram.

10. Emirates Cable Car

Take a trip through the skies of London on the Emirates Cable car. Just a 5 minute walk from North Greenwich Stadium, you can get a whole car to yourself or a group of friends and view the scenery like never before. I would definitely recommend going at sunset as it is even more beautiful!

11. Watch a Movie in the Cinema

With cinemas recently opening up due to the pandemic, and so many new movies being released, watching a movie is a great way to spend your day! The best thing about cinemas is that they offer cheaper tickets during off peak times and for students. Get your favourite snacks to compliment your movie.

  • Price: £7-£13
  • Location: Any local cinema

12. Visit the Barbican Conservatory

Barbican Conservatory

Get lost in the glass-roofed tropical sanctuary that boasts exotic fish, birdlife, plants and trees. This is the perfect place to get ‘lost in nature’ right in the middle of the city.

13. Stroll up Hampstead Heath and Watch the Views at Parliament Hill

Go on a little hike through Hampstead Heath and shortly you’ll find yourself in the hidden gem of London- Parliament Hill. At this point you are enveloped in London’s skyline and the lush trees around you. This is also the perfect spot for a little picnic, a run or to listen to some music.

14. The Ludoquist Cafe, Croydon

Immerse yourself in the hundreds of board games offered and spend hours playing all the board games you could ever imagine. A great place to get rid of all your screens and devices and focus on having some fun the traditional way!

15. Visit a Museum or an Exhibition


London is so full of rich history that you can delve into the British Museum & The National History Museum. However, there are many interesting exhibitions that may pique the interest of those who are not usually as interested in museums.

For example, check out the Gaia Exhibition at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich Market, where tickets go for as cheap as £7.50 for students!

Utilise our budgeting feature in Kestrl to help you plan out your activities.

If you do visit any one of these places, do make sure to tag us for a chance to be featured on our Instagram!


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