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🎧 Podcast: What’s the Global Potential of Islamic Finance? 11:FS Fintech Insider

09 May 2022

11:FS's expert host, Ross Gallagher, is joined by some great guests to answer the question: 'How global can Islamic finance become?'

🎧 Check out the full podcast here

Islamic finance is an industry sector with faith and ethical practices at its very core – it’s also a sector which has moved from a regional niche into a booming industry valued at over $2.88tn by industry experts.

So how global is Islamic finance? What are the challenges in its way? And how does the future look?

This week's guests include:

🎙Samim Abedi, Chief Investment Officer, Wahed

🎙Areeb Siddiqui, Founder and CEO, KESTRL

🎙Nahim Bassa, Senior Vice President and Head of Strategy & Digital Transformation, Bank Aljazira

With soundclips from:

🎙Samina Akram, Managing Partner, Samak Ethical Finance

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