Kestrl. Helping You To Achieve Your Financial Goals Without Compromise.

Kestrl is an app that helps Muslims to Budget, Save and Invest in line with their values. Make your Financial Goals come true with Kestrl.

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Save for your goals with Kestrl’s budgeting tool!

Save for your goals with Kestrl’s budgeting tool!

We take your income and spending habits to work out the best way to maximise your salary!

Connect all your Bank accounts in one place

Connect all your Bank accounts in one place

Use Open Banking to connect your bank accounts and credit cards to view all your transactions in one place.

Stay on top of bills and upcoming payments

Stay on top of bills and upcoming payments

Kestrl keeps an eye on your regular payments, helping you avoid overdrafts and useless subscriptions.

Future Features

Budgeting is the only beginning! We have a range of upcoming products from halal savings accounts to an ethical marketplace.

Check out the full list here


We’re teaming up with National Zakat Foundation as our official Partners, allowing you to calculate your Zakat and pay through our app.


Kestrl is pleased to partner with a number of ethical and halal/sharia compliant investment providers on our marketplace.

Savings Eggs

We’re really excited to launch the first fully digital savings account for Muslims! Set your goals, automate savings and earn a halal return with the Kestrl eggs.

Safety & Security

Kestrl uses Open Banking to connect your accounts in one place, but rest assured your data is secure with us.

Read-only Access

We can only access your Banking data in ‘read-only’ mode. This means no-one can ever touch or move your money around. We also never store (or have access to) your banking credentials, meaning that in the unlikely event of a breach your details are safe.

Bank-grade Encryption

When it comes to your personal data we only store the bare minimum i.e. your name and email, and these are protected by state-of-the-art security measures including the same 256 bit TLD encryption used by all major Banks.

FCA Registered

We are agents of Truelayer who are regulated Account Information Service Providers authorised by the FCA . You can check out our FCA appointment on the register here.

Sharia Compliancy

Kestrl is for everyone, but we wanted to make sure we could help the extremely underserved population of British Muslims too. To this end, we need to ensure that everything from our products to our business practices are in line with Islamic or ‘Sharia’ values. We do this in the following ways;

Sharia Advisors 👍

Amanah Advisors work with Kestrl on an on-going basis to review and audit all contracts, products and investments brought onto the Kestrl platform to ensure they are Sharia Compliant.

Sharia Certification 💯

Mufti Faraz

Mufti Faraz Adam

We are extremely pleased to share with you our Sharia Compliance Certification issued by Mufti Faraz Adam at Amanah Advisors

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Great app

This is such a great app to use. It allows me to keep all my accounts in one place which is something I’ve been struggling to find...

Much needed ethical app

Great app and looking forward to the future features that are focused on ethical finances.

All my banks in one place

Excited to start my personal finance journey!

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Islamic london city skyline
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